Fast Facts

Total and eligible complaints, 2004-2010


Reasons for ineligibility, 2004-2010

Reason Number
Complainants have yet to address problem with  concerned Operations Department 14
Complainants are not materially and adversely affected by project 3
Project/program completion report has been issued 2
Procurement related 2
Total 21

Issues raised in complaints, 2004-2010

Issues Number of Times
Raised in Complaints
Resettlement 26
Information 12
Consultation and participation 10
Agriculture, natural resources, environment 9
Community and social issues* 8
Energy 2
Others** 6

* Includes gender issues (raised once)
**Includes the following issues: distributary link, flooding, procurement, loan suspension, education,
   and termination of contract

Complaints received by region, 2004-2010 (%)


Complaints received from affected persons and CSOs, 2004-2010


Complaints received by sector, 2004-2010 (%)