Shortlisted Firms

Current List of Shortlisted Firms for Technical Assistance and Grant-Financed Projects

Consulting firms have been shortlisted for the following technical assistance and grant-financed projects and proposals submission deadlines are indicated for every project. Consultants not shortlisted but interested in being considered for participation in technical proposals should contact the firms directly. Please do not contact ADB.


TA No. 8669-CAM: Strengthening Coordination for Management of Disasters - Project Implementation Consultant (46230-001)
TA No. 8702-CAM: Preparing the Uplands Irrigation and Water Resources Management Sector Project (44328-012)


TA No. 8544-MON: Additional Financing of Food and Nutrition Social Welfare Project - CS-01 Social Protection Advisory Firm (42322-023)


TA No. 8657-MYA: Off-Grid Renewable Energy Demonstration Project - 01 TA Implementation Consultant (47128-001)
TA No. 8583-MYA: Irrigation Command Area Development (47152-001)


TA: Agriculture Sector Development Program (48218-001)
TA No. 8173: Strengthening Public Management Program - 02 Development of Municipal Administration and Revenue Administration System (MARS) (36172-063)


SC No. 104110-PHI: Comprehensive Review of Adb’s Compensation and Benefits Policies (104110)


TA No. 8238: Strengthening Disaster and Climate Risk Resilience in Urban Development in the Pacific - Risk assessment and training services (46162-001)
TA No. 8658: South Asia Economic Integration Partnership - Study on Power Trading In Bangladesh and Nepal (45396-009)
TA No. 8692: Asian Development Outlook 2015 (48266-001)
TA No. 8713: Geomapping of ADB's Projects (47184-003)
TA No. 8694: Support for Trade Facilitation - TF1 Trade Facilitation Component 1 (48249-001)
SC No. 104012: Provision of Technical Services for Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Studies (104012)
TA No. 8566: Mainstreaming Integrated Solid Waste Management in Asia - Solid Waste Management Team (46248-001)


Grant 0376-TAJ: Golovnaya 240-Megawatt Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project (46418-001)

Viet Nam

TA No. 8588-VIE: Hanoi Metro Line 3 Extension Project
TA No. 8588-VIE: Hanoi Metro Line 3 Extension Project - 1 Planning and Feasibility Study (40080-026)

Archive of Shortlisted Firms for Technical Assistance, Loan and Grant-Financed Projects

This archive shows the consulting firms shortlisted for technical assistance (TA) and loan projects for which the deadlines for submitting technical proposals have expired. This list is presented for information only and starts again at the beginning of each calendar year.

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