Operational Procurement: Goods, Works, and Related Services



ADB extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries (DMCs) for a broad range of development projects and programs. These ADB-financed projects involve the procurement of goods, works and services (other than consulting services) from external suppliers.

Latest Procurement Notices

Country Type Title Date Posted Deadline
Papua New Guinea Invitation for Bid L2978-PNG: Maritime and Waterways Safety Project[Hydrographic Survey: Lot 1 to Lot 6] 22 Jul 2016 06 Sep 2016
Pakistan Invitation for Bid 2972-PAK: Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program – Tranche 3[ADB-TRANCHE-III-HESCO-04-Goods-2016: Procurement of Conductor and Cables]-REBIDDING 22 Jul 2016 20 Sep 2016
Bangladesh Invitation for Bid 3397-BAN: Dhaka Water Supply Network Improvement[ICB-02.8 – MODS Zone 9 – 13 DMAs Rehabilitation of Distribution Network for NRW reduction (including procurement of plant, and construction of DTW pump stations) with O&M support (457 km).] 22 Jul 2016 05 Sep 2016
Pakistan Invitation for Bid Loan No. 2846-PAK: Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program Tranche 3 [ADB-69R-2016] REBIDDING 20 Jul 2016 30 Aug 2016
China, People's Republic of Invitation for Bid L3211-PRC: JILIN URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT[NCB Bid No.: 0722-162FE244FZO; EBC4]-Rebidding 19 Jul 2016 16 Aug 2016
Tajikistan Invitation for Bid Grant No. 0352-TAJ: Building Climate Resilience in the Pyanj River Basin Project [CW-06] 19 Jul 2016 19 Aug 2016
Uzbekistan Invitation for Bid Loan No. 3067-UZB: Solid Waste Management Improvement Project [SUE/Maxsustrans/ICB-G3-2016-001] 19 Jul 2016 29 Aug 2016
India Invitation for Bid Loan No. 46462-IND: Odisha Skill Development Project [OSDS/ASTI-DB/01] 19 Jul 2016 29 Aug 2016
Nepal Invitation for Bid Loan No. 3139-NEP: South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Power System Expansion Project [ICB-PMD-KGTCP-072/073-04] 18 Jul 2016 09 Sep 2016
India Invitation for Bid 44429-IND: Climate Adaptation in Vennar Sub Basin in Cauvery Delta (CAVSCD) Project[CAVSCD/TN/PS- Extension_Corrigendum] 18 Jul 2016 02 Aug 2016