Advance Action - Archive 2009



Title Date
Proposed Water Resources Development Investment Program 25 August 2009


Title Date
Proposed MFF for the North-South Road Corridor Development Program 19 August 2009


Title Date
Proposed Multitranche Financing Facility (MFF) for Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Program 4 August 2009


Title Date
Participatory Small Scale Water Resources Project 9 January 2009

China, People's Republic of

Title Date
Lanzhou Sustainable Urban Transport Project 23 October 2009
Integrated Renewable Biomass Energy Development Sector Project 12 October 2009
Heilongjiang Road Development II Project (Yichun-Nenjiang) 2 October 2009
Proposed Anhui Integrated Sector Improvement Project 18 August 2009
Emergency Assistance for Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction 20 February 2009


Title Date
Fiji Flood Recovery Project 4 August 2009


Title Date
Proposed MFF for Subregional Road Corridors Development Program 30 July 2009


Title Date
Assam Power Sector Enhancement Investment Program 11 June 2009
North Eastern Region Capital Cities Development Investment Program 22 January 2009
North Eastern Region Capital Cities Development Investment Program 27 March 2009


Title Date
MFF CAREC Transport Corridor I (Zhambyl Oblast Section) [Western Europe-Western People's Republic of China International Transit Corridor] Investment Program - Tranche 2 1 October 2009


Title Date
Education for the Poor - Financial Crisis Response Project 28 July 2009


Title Date
Clean Energy Access Improvement Project 8 July 2009
Second Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project 22 June 2009


Title Date
Energy Efficiency Investment Program 7 July 2009

Papua New Guinea

Title Date
Pilot Border Trade and Investment Development Project 12 November 2009


Title Date
Philippine Energy Efficiency Project 21 January 2009

Sri Lanka

Title Date
Proposed Second Supplementary Financial Assistance to Southern Transport Development Project (STDP) to Finance Completion of Final 30-km section From Pinnaduwa to Godagama 17 March 2009
Proposed Eastern and North Central Provincial Road Project 06 March 2009