International Staff Levels

Position Level General Description
1 and 2 Junior Professional positions. Include participants for the Bank's Young Professionals Program and young economists.
3 and 4 Normal entry level. Require varying degrees of specialized knowledge but with limited supervisory responsibilities. In the operational areas, positions are members of missions with responsibility for specialized aspects of a project, and to varying degrees, leadership of technical assistance, loan administration, or review missions. In the non-operational areas, the positions have the responsibility for specific specialized functions or more general administrative activities.
5 and 6 Senior level. Normal entry level to jobs where there is responsibility for the work of other professional staff. These levels include senior specialist and supervisory positions. In the operational areas, the positions are involved in the planning and design of major programs and projects, including responsibility for the leadership of major appraisal and programming missions. In the non-operational areas, positions are involved in supervising a multifunctional area or broad single-functional area such as a major section or unit.
7 and 8 Managerial level. Level 7 is the entry point to ADB's managerial positions.
9 and 10 Heads of departments and offices and deputy heads of larger departments.

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