Three Decades of Development Partnership: Royal Government of Bhutan and Asian Development Bank

During 30 years of partnership with the country, ADB has helped improve the welfare of the Bhutanese people. Read More

India-ADB Development Partnership

This publication provides an overview of how ADB has been working closely with the Government of India over the years to improve the overall design, delivery, and development effectiveness of ADB’s assistance program. Read More

Asia Pacific Post-2015 priorities, MDG8 and Global Partnerships

ADB Vice-President Groff blogs about this issue. Read More

Piloting Results-Based Lending for Programs

Know more about the background, objectives and diverse applications of ADB's Results-Based Lending program. Read More


Providing the right development aid is not only about the size of the loan or the number of roads or schools built. It is about knowing the loan is improving people’s lives in a sustainable way.

It is about ensuring that the school educates children with skills to support a country’s economic future, or that when a new highway is built, it not only spurs growth and fosters trade but also brings tangible benefits to surrounding communities.

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Focus on Results

41% (2011)
ADB projects with gender mainstreaming, higher than the 2012 target of 40%. More

52% (2011)
overall disbursement ratio for nonsovereign loans and equity, higher than the 2012 target of at least 50%. More


ADB Moves Towards Re-engagement in Myanmar
ADB and the Government of Myanmar have agreed on a new Interim Country Partnership Strategy that sets the stage for ADB’s re-engagement in the country.

Greater Focus on the Poor Key to Effectiveness of Microfinance in Asia and the Pacific
Microfinance needs to reach more of the poor in Asia and the Pacific, but do so in a financially sustainable way, says a new study from Independent Evaluation at ADB.