List of Information Requests

Aside from posting documents on the website, ADB provides information to its stakeholders through requests for information.

Under the 2011 public communications policy, ADB will acknowledge receipt of a request within 5 working days, and notify the requester about a decision no later than 20 working days (previously 30 calendar days under the 2005 public communications policy) after receiving the request or as soon as a decision has been made.

Below are the most recent requests received and reviewed by ADB. In some cases, information was not provided. See the list of denied requests and the reasons for denial.

The information on this page is updated at the end of each month.

Recent Requests

Document Number Title Document Type Requester's Country Date Received Date Completed
2014-0430.01 Query on ADB Resettlement Policy application to ADB-financed Mongolia Urban Development Program NGO/CSO cooperation Mongolia 30 Jul 2014 27 Aug 2014
2014-0519.01 Project 37269-012-CAM: GMS Rehabilitation of the Railway in Cambodia ADB projects: Information to Affected People and Other Interested Stakeholders Cambodia 04 Aug 2014 25 Aug 2014
2014-0429.01 Query on ADB's India Portfolio involving Financial Intermediaries and Safeguard Policy Statement Compliance ADB projects: Other ADB Information India 30 Jul 2014 25 Aug 2014
2014-0467.01 Taxability of ADB Employee Salary Employment Not Indicated 12 Aug 2014 15 Aug 2014
2014-0464.01 Loan 3073 (37143-033)-IND: North Eastern States Roads Investment Program (Project 2) ADB projects: Environmental Safeguard Documents India 12 Aug 2014 15 Aug 2014
2014-0480.01 TA 8060 (45119-001)-REG: Promoting Innovations in Wastewater Management in Asia and the Pacific ADB projects: Technical Assistance Consultants' Reports Not Indicated 14 Aug 2014 14 Aug 2014
2014-0439.01 TA 3497 (34102-012)-PRC: GEF Program Approach to Land Degradation ADB projects: General Project Information Sri Lanka 05 Aug 2014 12 Aug 2014
2014-0422.01 Information on ADB-Japan Scholarship Program Scholarships Ethiopia 30 Jul 2014 31 Jul 2014
2014-0420.01 ADB Business Opportunities Hard Copy Publication Consulting and procurement for ADB projects New Zealand 29 Jul 2014 31 Jul 2014
6844 Project 44444-013-BHU: Green Power Development Project II Information to Affected People and Other Interested Stakeholders India 29 Jul 2014 29 Jul 2014