Policy Background and History

ADB Public Communications Policy (PCP) governing ADB's external relations strategy and outreach and the release of ADB information and documents was approved in April 2005, and took effect in September 2005.

The PCP commits ADB to conduct a comprehensive review no later than 5 years from the effective date of the PCP. While internal and external reviews generally recognized the PCP as a solid policy, experience showed that some changes could improve PCP effectiveness. In addition, significant internal changes, such as the adoption of streamlined business processes, made the review of the PCP a timely exercise.

2010-2011 PCP review

The policy changes found in ADB’s revised PCP, approved on 25 October 2011 (effective on 2 April 2012), reflect feedback from over 500 stakeholders in ADB member countries, including governments, the private sector, development partners, civil society, those affected by ADB’s projects, academics, and the media.

The drafts of the policy that have been developed during the review process, as well as the final PCP proposal submitted to the Board for its consideration, appear below.

Policy review background papers

Document Date
R-paper on the Review of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) October 2011
Working Paper (W-paper) on the Review of the PCP January 2011
Second Consultation Draft November 2010
First Consultation Draft June 2010