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Directions in Evaluation

New areas of emphasis

New areas of emphasis

Evaluation has evolved in response to ADB's changing focus. Early work concentrated on input-output relationships in projects, using economic analysis, but evolved to cover the entire results chain of inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

The focus of evaluation studies has shifted from the project to the country, informed by sector and thematic assessments as well as by evaluations of ADB's business processes. The full mix of lending and nonlending services that make up country assistance programs has now become the dominant preoccupation of evaluation, with priority attention to relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

The workprogram of the Independent Evaluation Department is being structured to emphasize organizational learning in a more clearly defined results architecture and framework.

Audiences for evaluations

Evaluations must become user-centric, meaning situationally responsive. Audiences for evaluations have a variety of information needs, be they operational or developmental. This calls for a deep understanding of the users of recommendations and their information seeking tasks. New knowledge products and services are being designed, tailored to specific audiences.

Audiences for evaluations

Improving consistency and quality

To improve consistency and quality, guidelines for the evaluation of public sector projects, program loans, technical assistance, country assistance programs, and private sector operations have been issued.


In a changing context, IED has focused its 3-year rolling work program on priority areas, has moved to capture synergies between IED and ADB’s operations departments, and has begun to select evaluation topics in a way that should ensure higher effectiveness and impact. IED's three-year rolling work programs are developed based on discussions with the Development Effectiveness Committee and all Vice-Presidents, and with inputs from ADB's operations departments. The evaluation program is strategic and integrated, with one evaluation feeding another.