ADB's Support for Inclusive Growth

This thematic evaluation study assesses ADB’s inclusive growth agenda during 2000–2012. It assesses ADB’s definition and its strategic framework for promoting it. It looks at how ADB set and monitored its institutional priorities in relation to inclusive growth at the corporate level and through country operations. Read More

Inclusion, Resilience, Change: ADB’s Strategy 2020 at Mid-Term

The midterm review of Strategy 2020 holds that the three strategic agendas of inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and regional integration set out in 2008 are highly relevant for the second half of Strategy 2020. The evaluation presses on actions and results on the ground. Read More

ADB Support for Strengthening the Enabling Environment for Private Sector Development

This thematic evaluation study seeks to understand how ADB has been contributing towards private sector development by improving the enabling environment for private sector businesses to identify ways of enhancing such efforts in line with Strategy 2020 objectives. Read More

Country Assistance Program Evaluation for Pakistan

This second independent evaluation of the ADB program in Pakistan covers operations and policy dialogue during 2002–2012. The focus is on the results of two country strategies, one covering 2002–2006 and the other 2009–2013. Read More


Evaluation is central to good corporate governance. To ensure that it invests responsibly, ADB continually reviews its operations to assess their effectiveness, learn from past experience, and improve the development of future policies, strategies, programs, and projects.

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