Evaluation Learning Event: Innovation and Learning in a Changing Asia

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Independent Evaluation at ADB is hosting a learning event on 9-10 September 2014. Join us in exploring the links between evaluation, learning, innovation and change, with a focus on governance, inequality, and environmental sustainability. Online registration is open. Read More

2014 Annual Evaluation Review

The 2014 Annual Evaluation Review assesses ADB’s operational performance in 2013, and the follow-up given to evaluation recommendations that Management agreed to. The report reviews recent evaluations and offers analysis, lessons and suggestions for operations and strategy development. Read More

Inclusion, Resilience, Change: Development Outcomes in Asia and the Pacific

At an ADB knowledge sharing event, Independent Evaluation Director General calls on ADB to support the region's development with a triple bottom line of fostering growth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability, underpinned by better governance systems. Watch Video

Real-Time Evaluation of ADB’s Initiatives to Support Access to Climate Finance

How can ADB position itself to improve access to climate finance, develop capacity to attract and utilize climate finance, and scale up and mainstream support for climate change responses? This evaluation provides insights into how ADB’s various initiatives have progressed from enhancing its ability to access and leverage climate finance. Read More


Evaluation is central to good corporate governance. To ensure that it invests responsibly, ADB continually reviews its operations to assess their effectiveness, learn from past experience, and improve the development of future policies, strategies, programs, and projects.

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