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  • September 2014

    Impact evaluations to guide policy - Vinod Thomas

    Asian countries are increasingly turning to investing in dedicated development programs rather than relying entirely on economic growth to deliver better social outcomes. Evaluations of their actual impact have not always accompanied such decision-making, but where they have, it has made a key difference.
  • August 2014

    Asia's transformation through better governance - Vinod Thomas

    Asia is by far and away the global top performer in the pace of economic growth, but it is becoming clear the region can no longer continue pursuing growth at any cost and postpone social inclusion and the environmental care. As we now know, everything won’t come out in the wash. There is no universal strategy for pursuing a triple bottom line of high, socially inclusive and sustainable growth — but better governance is imperative.
  • July 2013

    Preparing better for more frequent natural disasters - Vinod Thomas

    Imagine three typhoons with the force of Tropical Storm "Ondoy" hitting the National Capital Region in a single rainy season, or Mindanao, which until recently was thought to be largely off the path of extreme storms. Such a scenario would have seemed wildly alarmist just a decade ago, but not any longer.
  • June 2013

    Environment issues hitting the economy - Vinod Thomas

    When the Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015, evidence suggests that it will take a significant reordering of priorities for the Asia and Pacific region's high economic growth to continue.
  • June 2013

    A post-2015 agenda for Asia - Vinod Thomas

    With the Millennium Development Goals expiring in 2015, the agenda for Asia must in part tackle the unfinished task of poverty reduction under the MDGs, and confront the newer challenges of income inequality and environmental destruction.
  • May 2013

    Faster progress in education and health - Vinod Thomas

    Economic growth is front-page news everywhere. But experience tells us that the link between income and human development is far from assured. Worldwide, countries with similar per capita incomes have had quite different achievements in basic education or basic health.
  • February 2013

    A new growth paradigm - Vinod Thomas

    The economy of the Philippines stands out for its relatively robust 6.6-percent growth in 2012 amid lackluster economic growth in most places around the world. The crucial question, however, is how the country can sustain this performance to generate far more jobs and reverse the rise in poverty seen in the past decade.
  • September 2012

    The unfinished poverty agenda - Vinod Thomas

    The striking reduction in extreme poverty over the past two decades is in good measure a reflection of [People's Republic of] China's ability to lift some 500 million people above the poverty line. But this progress begs the question if extreme poverty can be eliminated in the next 20 years.
  • September 2012

    New Development Goals for the planet of Earth - Vinod Thomas

    Can extreme poverty be eliminated in the next 20 years? Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may well be pondering this as he and other heads of state gather in New York for the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
  • September 2012

    Making growth more inclusive - Vinod Thomas

    After a remarkable run, Asian countries are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain past rates of economic growth. In the aftermath of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, governments across the region have plenty to worry about: slowing growth in [People's Republic of] China and India, a debt crisis in the eurozone and tepid recovery in the United States.