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  • September 2012

    New Development Goals for the planet of Earth - Vinod Thomas

    Can extreme poverty be eliminated in the next 20 years? Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may well be pondering this question as he and other heads of state gather in New York for the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
  • September 2012

    Making growth more inclusive - Vinod Thomas

    After a remarkable run, Asian countries are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain past rates of economic growth. In the aftermath of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, governments across the region have plenty to worry about: slowing growth in [People's Republic of] China and India, a debt crisis in the eurozone and tepid recovery in the United States.
  • August 2012

    Inclusive growth will lift Asia's boats - Vinod Thomas

    Countries around the world, including Asia, have been buffeted by a succession of economic, financial and climate-related shocks over the past four years. Many countries in this region are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain past stellar rates of economic growth and poverty reduction, raising the spectre that even more of the poor will be left behind.
  • July 2012

    Essential to sustain high growth - Vinod Thomas

    It is often said that as countries climb from low- to middle-income status, income inequality typically worsens before getting better. Whether this is an iron-clad law or not, what is true is that inequality in middle-income countries - such as Brazil, [People's Republic of] China, Mexico or the Philippines - could cap continued high growth and contribute to the "middle-income trap".
  • April 2012

    The new roadblock to prosperity - Vinod Thomas

    The rising incidence of climate-related natural disasters will be a key concern at the milestone United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in June. The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change links more intense rainfall and more extreme temperatures worldwide with carbon emissions and manmade climate change. This scientific evidence warns us that it is no longer enough for affected countries to mop up after a flood; all the world's economies together must turn off the tap.
  • April 2012

    Time to see climate action as pro-growth - Vinod Thomas

    [People's Republic of] China, South Korea, Russia, the United States and two dozen others face potential leadership transitions this year. The prospect for economic growth and prosperity is likely to be the central determinant of these events. Not on the agenda, however, is climate change. Yet, it should be - because our growing understanding of its science and economics warns us that people's welfare hinges on it.
  • January 2012

    Solutions for economy and climate - Vinod Thomas

    At the turn of 2012, the world continues to be in the grip of a two-fold crisis: an economic downturn and widespread job losses on the one side and accelerating global warming and extreme weather events on the other. So far, Asia has been less vulnerable than other regions to the economic slump, but has been arguably the most prone to natural calamities.
  • January 2012

    3 ideas that are good for both economy and environment - Vinod Thomas

    As we enter a new year, the world continues to be in the grips of dual crises: a stubborn economic downturn with widespread job losses combined with accelerating global warming threatening vulnerable communities. Many argue that dealing with climate change in the midst of an economic slump will hurt recovery efforts. The underlying reality, however, is quite the opposite. Not only can preparing for climate change offer opportunities for economic growth, it would be unwise to pursue one without the other.
  • November 2011

    Insight: Tap the potential of the masses to lift growth - Vinod Thomas

    In the diverse forces driving social unrest around the world this year – the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street protests and the growing concerns about inequalities across Asia – there is a valuable lesson that can no longer be dismissed. Economic growth alone is not enough to resolve the problems of unemployment, discontent and exclusion. Countries and institutions, such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), must seek ways to draw broad segments of people into economic activities – in other words, inclusive growth.
  • November 2011

    Floods in Thailand cause rising tide of concern - Vinod Thomas

    In a world beset by climate change, even local weather has global implications. Thailand's historically heavy monsoon this year – swamping several northern provinces and threatening low-lying Bangkok – fits into a troubling list of recent weather events around the world, with grave implications for what lies ahead.