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  • July 2015

    Greater Mekong Subregion: Northern Economic Corridor Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION.  This evaluation approach paper presents the background, issues to be addressed and the proposed approach and schedule for the evaluation of the the project. The project performance evaluation report will be used as input to the ongoing thematic evaluation on regional cooperation and integration. The evaluation has been scheduled more than 3 years after the completion of the project completion report in December 2010. This provides sufficient time for the outputs and outcomes to be re−assessed and the impacts to become apparent.
  • June 2015

    To Foster Inclusive Growth, Tackle Inequality and Climate Change

    Although not immediately obvious, perhaps the best way to enhance adaptability to the impacts of climate change is to reduce economic inequality. This is because the poor are hit first and hardest when the intense storms and drought of climate change strike, and improving access to assets, opportunities, and institutional capacity will therefore help them better respond and cope. 
  • May 2015

    Inspiring ADB's Future

    The Asia and Pacific region continues to grow economically, but also faces daunting challenges. Economic growth remains essential for poverty reduction in a region that is home to more than half of the world’s poor. Furthermore, there needs to be attention to growing inequalities, the reality of runaway climate change and weaknesses in governance—all three in turn threaten to block growth itself. Taken together, there needs to be greater emphasis on generating more productivity and impact, not just more investment and outputs.
  • May 2015

    Indonesia: Participatory Irrigation Sector Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation approach paper presents the proposed evaluation design for the Participatory Irrigation Sector Project (PISP). It contains background information of the country and project, evaluation objectives, methodology, process and timeframe.  
  • May 2015

    People’s Republic of China: Joint Project Performance Evaluation Report for the Sanjiang Plain Wetlands Protection Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This approach paper sets out the scope and approach of this evaluation, the requisite data sources, and the tentative resource and schedule requirements. The evaluation will be undertaken as a joint evaluation exercise with the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China.
  • May 2015

    Indonesia: Country Partnership Strategy Final Review Validation

    This report validates the findings of the Indonesia country partnership strategy (CPS) final review. It assesses the quality of the self-evaluation and identifies lessons and recommendations to inform the new CPS.
  • April 2015

    People's Republic of China: Gansu Heihe Rural Hydropower Development Investment Program—Erlongshan Hydropower Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This approach paper presents the country, sector context, and specific issues that will be addressed in evaluating the People's Republic of China’s (PRC) Gansu Heihe Rural Hydropower Development Investment Program—Erlongshan Hydropower Project (Loan 2296), the first tranche ($22 million) of the investment program located in remote rural areas of Zhangye City (Zangye) of Gansu, a poor western province. This ADB project was approved in December 2006 and closed in April 2010. 
  • April 2015

    Response to Nepal's Earthquake: Ten Lessons from Evaluations

    On April 25, Nepal was hit by the worst catastrophe in almost a century. A 7.9-magnitude earthquake, followed by a series of major aftershocks, reduced parts of the Kathmandu Valley to rubble. More than 5,000 people are known to have died in this catastrophe, and that number could rise significantly as the news about the devastation in the rural areas has just to come in. 
  • April 2015

    2014 Annual Portfolio Performance Report

    The annual portfolio performance report (APPR) is a Management report that details the state of the sovereign and nonsovereign portfolios of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 
  • April 2015

    2015 Annual Evaluation Review

    This report examines ADB’s operational performance in 2014 and follow-up to evaluation recommendations. This report focuses on urban water supply and sanitation operations in a series of sustainability analysis.