Evaluation Resources

This project performance evaluation report reviews the nonsovereign components of the project involving the provision of a partial credit guarantee to one financial institution to support its lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a proposed equity investment in a credit information bureau. The rationale and objectives of both components were to improve the enabling environment for SMEs and their ability to access finance.

This report assesses the program’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency in achieving its objectives and outputs, sustainability of outcomes, and impact; the performance of the ADB, the executing agency, and the implementing agencies; and draw out key lessons for ADB operations in the microfinance sector. 

This report evaluates the performance of the North Luzon Expressway Rehabilitation and Expansion project, aimed to induce private sector investment in the road transport sector and to support the government's policies and programs to develop the national road network.

This report evaluates the performance of ADB's equity investment of PhP100 million in the Mutual Fund Company of the Philippines.

This report assesses ADB's equity investments in the Walden AB Ayala Ventures Co., Inc. and Walden AB Ayala Management Company, Inc. The overall development outcome and impact is rated less than satisfactory.

This report evaluates the performance of the Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Project aimed at improving the health status of women, particularly those of reproductive age, and reducing fertility, female morbidity and maternal mortality in the Philip...

This report evaluates the performance of the Rural Microenterprise Finance Project aimed to strengthen rural financial institutions by assisting organizations that employed the Grameen Bank approach (GBA) in providing credit to the poor in the Philippi...

This report evaluates the performance of the Capital Market Development Program designed to promote a diversified, competitive, and vibrant capital market in the Philippines.

This report evaluates the performance of the Second Palawan Integrated Area Development Project aimed to develop land and water resources, and arrest environmental degradation in Palawan, Philippines.

This report evaluates the performance of the Metropolitan Cebu Water Supply Project designed to augment the water supply and reduce nonrevenue water levels in Metropolitan Cebu Water District in the Philippines.