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This special evaluation study assesses the implementation of ADB's 2001 water policy and the performance of related operations, identify lessons and issues and make recommendations to inform future decision making on water sector operations.

This special evaluation study focuses on the approach used to design and implement urban infrastructure projects in Indonesia

This special evaluation study presents the findings, lessons, and recommendations of an independent assessment of more than three decades of partnership experience between ADB and the development of water supply services in Metro Manila.

This special evaluation study presents an analysis of participatory processes applied in six projects in the water resources and forestry sectors in the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.

This special evaluation study reviews ADB's Capacity Building Assistance for Managing Water Supply and Sanitation.

This study assesses the extent to which participatory development processes enhanced the effectiveness and sustainability of ADB's projects and recommend appropriate participatory development methodology and institutional changes.

This special evaluation study attempts to clarify the major causes of project success and failure that are specific to agriculture and social infrastructure sectors and energy and infrastructure sector groups, and draw some implications and suggestions...