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This paper presents key findings from a review of the Operations Evaluation Department done in February 2008 and proposes a number of changes to further enhance OED’s independence and effectiveness.

The technical assistance (TA) program of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) accounted for about 3% of annual ADB operations in 2004–2006. While developing member countries (DMCs) generally appreciated TA, a special evaluation study (SES) on TA performance by the ADB Operations Evaluation Department (OED) found that about two thirds of ADB’s TA activities had been rated “successful” or “highly successful”. This is below the 70% success rate target, indicating considerable scope for improving the development effectiveness of TA operations.

This paper proposes a set of changes in the organization framework within which the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) operates to carry this process forward. The changes will ensure more independence of OED and provide greater internal and external credibility in its assessments of ADB operations.