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On 26 October 2007, the Director General of the Operations Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank received this response from the Managing Director General on behalf of Management on the Evaluation on the Effect of Microfinance on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women.

This special evaluation study aims to assess, based on the experience of ADB-supported projects, the extent to which access to microfinance has reduced the poverty of rural poor households and improved the socioeconomic status of poor women.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the special evaluation study on the Effect on Microfinance Operations on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women to determine how effective its projects had been in reducing rural poverty and improving the status of women.

This report evaluates the performance of the Women's Health and Safe Motherhood Project aimed at improving the health status of women, particularly those of reproductive age, and reducing fertility, female morbidity and maternal mortality in the Philip...