Evaluation Resources

Results 71-80 of 83 for Sri Lanka

This special evaluation study reviews the effectiveness of involving NGOs/CBOs in ADB lending and technical assistance operations and determine whether such involvement helps address issues and priorities of ADB's development agenda more effectively.

This report evaluates the performance of the Secondary Towns Power Distribution Project II aimed at assisting Lanka Electric Company Limited (LECO) to take over, rehabilitate, and expand the electricity distribution systems of local authorities in Sri ...

This report evaluates the performance of the Financial Sector Program designed to develop the capacity of the financial sector to mobilize domestic resources effectively and to allocate them efficiently to the private sector in Sri Lanka.

This special evaluation study assesses the Sri Lankan macroeconomic, sector, institutional, social and other policies; policy constraints; and conditions prevailing at the time of formulation and implementation of the loan projects funded by ADB.

The country synthesis for Sri Lanka is based on a review of the findings of evaluation reports aimed at identifying key factors affecting the implementation and operation of ADB-financed projects and drawing on the lessons for future projects.

This study aims to assess the impact of ADB's assistance in the health and population sector.

This report evaluates the performance of the Agriculture Program Loan which aimed to revitalize the agriculture sector through improving productivity and growth, achieving self-reliance in rice, and promoting agro-industries in Sri Lanka.

This study aims to assess the impact and overall effectiveness of ADB assistance to Sri Lanka's industrial crops and agro-industry sector in meeting development objectives.

The study assesses the impact of ADB's assistance on health, policy adjustment, government budget, institutional development, social dimensions, and the environment.

This report evaluates the performance of the Livestock Development Project designed to improve smallholder dairy, pig and poultry production to increase food supply and improve rural incomes and employment in Sri Lanka.