Evaluation Resources

Results 1-6 of 6 for Nepal Indonesia

Successful Projects in the Education Sector 2002-2005 is a condensed reference on "successful" ADB projects on education sector as evaluated by the Independent Evaluation Department.

This special evaluation study examines whether nongovernment schools perform better than public schools in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal.

This special evaluation study assesses the impact of ADB's poverty reduction measures, and how effectively poverty reduction objectives were incorporated into project design.

This technical assistance performance audit report is the first operations evaluation report on selected technical assistance (TA) interventions on road safety. The evaluation includes three TAs: Regional Initiatives in Road Safety, Preparation of a Road Safety Program in the People's Republic of China, and Road Safety in India.

This impact evaluation study assesses the impact of ADB's assistance to rural credit in Bangladesh, the Peoples Republic of China, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

This special evaluation study reviews the effectiveness of involving NGOs/CBOs in ADB lending and technical assistance operations and determine whether such involvement helps address issues and priorities of ADB's development agenda more effectively.