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Results 1-10 of 33 for Private sector

This performance evaluation report assesses ADB’s support to the project as highly successful based on the criteria of development impact and outcome and, from ADB’s side, investment profitability, work quality, and additionality. A lesson from this project and ADB’s wider engagement in Cambodia’s energy sector since the early 1990s is long-term sector engagements help facilitate enabling environments, as it has in Cambodia’s energy sector.

This guidelines have been prepared to facilitate evaluations of nonsovereign operations by the Independent Evaluation Department (IED), which is independent of Management and reports directly to ADB’s Board of Directors.

This thematic evaluation study seeks to understand how ADB has been contributing towards private sector development by improving the enabling environment for private sector businesses to identify ways of enhancing such efforts in line with Strategy 2020 objectives.

Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project which aims to enhance private sector participation in infrastructure development, financing, and operations and maintenance in several Indian states, and to increase the number of projects reaching financial closure. IED overall assessment: Less than successful

This performance evaluation report presents the independent evaluation of the Grameenphone telecommunications projects in Bangladesh. It identifies the lessons from the project which can then be used to assist in the design and implementation of future ADB private sector operations in the region, particularly investments in similar projects.

This Learning Lessons distills lessons from ADB’s experience with a view to informing the selection, design, and monitoring of future private sector operations.

Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project which aims to improve the policy and legal environment for private sector development, and strengthen the capacity of the government of Micronesia to manage land, labor and capital resources. IED overall assessment: Less than successful

This report assesses ADB's equity investments in the Walden AB Ayala Ventures Co., Inc. and Walden AB Ayala Management Company, Inc. The overall development outcome and impact is rated less than satisfactory.

Validates the completion report's assessment of the project which aims to generate income and employment opportunities through expansion of micro and small enterprises by improving access to credit and business training and advisory services in Samoa. IED overall assessment: Partly successful.

This country assistance program evaluation assesses the performance of ADB country strategies and assistance programs for the Lao People's Democratic Republic during the period of 2000–2009. It identifies factors affecting this performance, draws lessons, and makes recommendations for improving the future performance of ADB assistance.