Evaluation Resources

This performance evaluation report assesses the performance of the two regional technical assistance projects in meeting their objectives as well as contributing to the overarching objective of improving governance, transparency and accountability in the management and use of public resources in the Pacific.

This technical assistance performance evaluation report covers six facility-type technical assistance projects approved by ADB for the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The report is focused on the working this facility-type technical assistance approach, how it evolved, its present status, and the contributions of subprojects to the government’s policy reforms and capacity development efforts. The report identifies lessons and offers recommendations to ADB on whether and how to plan and manage similar modes of engagement with governments in upper- and middle-income countries that have relatively strong in-country capacities.

This report assesses ADB support for environment capacity development in South Asia, using selected technical assistance (TA) projects as case studies. It provides an insight into more effective capacity development from both environment and general TA. 

The study evaluates the contribution of environment technical assistance projects to the capability of the Philippines and Indonesia to manage their environment within the context of ADB and national government's policy to support implementation of major environment improvement programs.

This study focuses on six country-specific TA projects and two regional TA projects in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Assesses five ADB technical assistance projects that assisted the People's Republic of China to undertake reforms in the fields of audit, procurement, and performance evaluation.

This evaluation covers the general operations of Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre from its inception in 1993, and looks for opportunities to comment on the effectiveness of ADB’s technical assistance support.

This technical assistance performance evaluation report covers four technical assistance (TA) grants designed to support the Government of Indonesia’s decentralization policy, consistent with ADB's 1999 interim strategy.

In December 1995, the Government of Viet Nam adopted the comprehensive Power Sector Policy. This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report evaluates five advisory TAs supporting the institutional development objectives in Viet Nam’s power sector.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report concentrates on six TAs in improving fiscal management and tax administration in India from 1996 to 2003.