Evaluation Resources

Seven advistory TAs were selected for evaluation in this technical assistance performance audit report. The TAs generally shared the same objective—to improve environmental management and/or to build capacity in the People's Republic of China, where rapid economic development and years of neglect of environmental protection have resulted in severe environmental degradation.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report evaluates 5 advisory TAs to help formulate a 20-year Agriculture Perspective Plan to set a new direction for the sector in Nepal.

This report assesses two technical assistance (TA) grants supporting the institutional development and strengthening of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

This report assesses three technical assistance (TA) grants designed to improve the capacity of the People's Republic of China for sound environmental management.

This report assesses a technical assistance (TA) grant intended to help the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam build up its rural financing capability by developing the capacity of the Viet Nam Bank for Agriculture for credit appraisal, processing and supervision; implementation of loan systems in a market-driven economy, an microcredit assessment.

This report assesses a technical assistance (TA) grant intended to regenerate and conserve the fishery and coastal marine resources in the Zhoushan fishing ground through proper resource management and environmental control.