Evaluation Resources

This technical assistance performance audit report covers five TA grants that were intended to promote pension reform in Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and India.

The technical assistance (TA) projects evaluated in this TA performance audit report aimed to address the Government’s weak institutional capacity to implement the sector restructuring program in phases.

This report evaluates the following technical assistance (TA) projects approved between 1992 and 1997, aimed at strengthening Cambodia’s capacity to manage a more market-based economy.

Seven advistory TAs were selected for evaluation in this technical assistance performance audit report. The TAs generally shared the same objective—to improve environmental management and/or to build capacity in the People's Republic of China, where rapid economic development and years of neglect of environmental protection have resulted in severe environmental degradation.

This technical performance (TA) audit report evaluates three completed TAs that provided a continuum of assistance over an 8-year period characterized by political and organizational change in Cambodia.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report reviews eight advisory TA projects--three in the Lao People's Democratic Republic and five in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam--that were attached to loan projects for the construction or rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure to strengthen sector institutions.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report covers six TAs approved to support capital market development in Pakistan.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report evaluates 5 advisory TAs to help formulate a 20-year Agriculture Perspective Plan to set a new direction for the sector in Nepal.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report covers two TA grants attached to the Sixth Road Improvement Project in the Lao PDR, approved in June 1993; the Sixth Road Project in the Philippines, approved in September 1996; and two stand-alone TAs in PNG on implementation of a road asset management system, approved in April 1998 and December 1999, respectively.

This report covers five advisory technical assistance aimed at ensuring the absorptive capacity and ability of the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Mongolia to implement road projects. It also covers a regional technical assistance study to update road design and construction standards in these three countries.