Evaluation Resources

This topical working paper provides a spectrum of experience in meeting transition challenges, though the lessons of any one individual country may not apply in their entirety to Myanmar. Nonetheless, the comparator experience highlights the importance of connecting the dots between growth and the environment, inclusiveness and conflict prevention, and policy distortions and corruption, with the importance of capacity an overarching issue.

This report reviews the emerging experience with the economic crisis emanating from the Euro area to draw implications of such situations for Asia and ADB. It draws on analysis within the ADB, in other international financial institutions (IFIs), and in the research community, with particular attention to the lessons from evaluations of past crises and IFI responses to them.

This paper seeks to understand "Managing for Development Results (MfDR)" and identify known conditions for successful adoption, its application to developing countries and the emerging challenges in adopting MfDR.

This paper assessed, compared, and noted trends in the design and monitoring frameworks of ADB project and program loans, regional technical assistance loans and grants, and advisory technical assistance loans and grants from 2000 to December 2005.

This paper examines the lessons learned from previous experience with ADB's emergency loans and discusses ADB's responses to the tsunami in light of the Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy approved in May 2004.

This paper provides a critical review of recent research on aid effectiveness and its implications for policies.