Evaluation Resources

Validates the PCR's assessment of the project which aims to enhance the profitability of the plantation sector and improve the living and working conditions of the estate work force to a level comparable with that in other sectors in Sri Lanka.

Validates the completion report's assessment of the project aims to establish and implement participatory sustainable forest management of demarcated permanent forests to increase their protection and production. IED overall assessment: Successful.

Validates the completion report’s assessment of the program which aims to assist the government of Sri Lanka to reform and restructure the power sector by developing successor companies to the Ceylon Electricity Board, a culture based on commercial terms, consumer benefits in terms of quality of supply and an independent tariff-setting mechanism. IED overall assessment: Partly Successful.

Validates the project completion report's assessment of the project which aims to provide sustainable water supply and sanitation facilities through policy reforms and project investments at the rural and urban levels of selected districts in Sri Lanka. IED overall assessment: Successful.