Evaluation Resources

ONGOING EVALUATION. This approach paper presents the rationale, objectives, scope, and timeline for a study that will evaluate the impact of several interventions that ADB has supported in Bangladesh’s secondary education subsector.

This report assesses the relevance of genetic improvement research to tilapia farming, how genetically improved farmed tilapia (GIFT) research and development have improved breeds, the development and dissemination of breeding methods and protocols; and the institutional, socioeconomic, and environmental impacts of GIFT in selected countries.

This impact evaluation study assesses the impact of ADB's assistance to rural credit in Bangladesh, the Peoples Republic of China, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The study aims to assess the long-term impact of ADB's interventions on secondary science education in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.

This study assesses the adequacy, implementation experience, and operational performance of project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA), as well as their impact and effectiveness in contributing to the performance of ensuing projects.

This study aims to assess the impact of ADB's assistance in the health and population sector.