Evaluation Resources

This special evaluation study reviews ADB assistance portfolio of rural road associated projects from 1996 to 2007; differentiates inclusive growth and inclusive development through a literature review; and presents case studies.

This special evaluation study aims to learn from the experience of the mature Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects in the ADB portfolio to improve future performance.

This special evaluation study assesses the extent to which the ADB fisheries policy (1997) guides and influences the design and implementation of ADB-assisted projects and technical assistance grants.

This special evaluation study examines how rural poor selected strategies to rise out of poverty, how various factors influenced their selection of the strategies, how sustainable the poverty exit was, and how effective poverty reduction interventions have been.

This special evaluation study looks at small-scale aquaculture from the viewpoint of poverty reduction and identify the main factors that enable fish farming to generate livelihoods and reduce poverty.

This study assesses the extent to which participatory development processes enhanced the effectiveness and sustainability of ADB's projects and recommend appropriate participatory development methodology and institutional changes.

This special evaluation study evaluates the appropriateness, effectiveness, and impacts of ADB's policy and support to agriculture and natural resources research (ANRR) in the Asian and Pacific region.

This special evaluation study attempts to clarify the major causes of project success and failure that are specific to agriculture and social infrastructure sectors and energy and infrastructure sector groups, and draw some implications and suggestions...

This special evaluation study evaluates the Tan An Integrated Agricultural Project which aims to minimize risks and uncertainties in farm production and strengthen production base of agriculture sector in Viet Nam.