Evaluation Resources

Results 1-10 of 17 for Special Evaluation Studies 2007

This special evaluation study assesses how relevant and efficient the Asian Development Fund was, and how effective and sustainable its outcomes are.

This special evaluation study, which focused on ADB's results orientation, aimed to evaluate ADB's general progress in 2007, before going on to assess ADB's operational implementation of Managing for Development Results (MfDR) and related outcomes in 2...

This special evaluation study provides an independent assessment of the achievements of the Long-Term Strategic Framework for 2001-2015 and its implementation during the medium-term strategies (MTS) I and the early years of MTS II

This special evaluation study aimed to present a clear picture of ADBs strategies and provide feedback for the review to be made toward the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.

This special evaluation study presents an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of ADB's Resident Mission Policy of 2000 and related operations in delivering services to clients.

This special evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of ADB

This study seeks to assess the performance of the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, Japan Special Fund and Japan Scholarship Fund against their stated objectives, accomplishments, opportunities, and strengths and identify constraints and weaknesses.

This special evaluation study aims to assess, based on the experience of ADB-supported projects, the extent to which access to microfinance has reduced the poverty of rural poor households and improved the socioeconomic status of poor women.

This special evaluation study assesses recent performance, trends, and practices in ADB's program lending and as an input into an ongoing review of program lending policy.

This special evaluation study discusses issues and challenges related to the Japan Scholarship Program.