Evaluation Resources

Results 1-5 of 5 for Special Evaluation Studies 2009

This special evaluation study assesses implementation effectiveness of ADB's 1998 Policy on Gender and Development (GAD) through an analysis of its relevance, responsiveness, and results to date.

This study on looks at ADB assistance to public-private partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure development from 1988-2008 and is intended to provide inputs to formulating strategies and business plans for implementing further ADB support to PPP operations.

This special evaluation study reviews ADB assistance portfolio of rural road associated projects from 1996 to 2007; differentiates inclusive growth and inclusive development through a literature review; and presents case studies.

This special evaluation study assesses ADB's assistance for justice reform and is intended to highlight to ADB's Board and Management the usefulness of ADB's continuing support for justice reform in implementing Strategy 2020.

This special evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of ADB support for public sector reforms in Pacific developing member countries.