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These guidelines are interim in nature as they will be further revised to reflect changes in the Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Sector Operations, which is being updated. This interim guidelines were prepared to accommodate various changes in the validation exercise that have been introduced through various IED circulars and changes in ADB’s Operations Manual since 2012.

This guidelines have been prepared to facilitate evaluations of nonsovereign operations by the Independent Evaluation Department (IED), which is independent of Management and reports directly to ADB’s Board of Directors.

To fulfill its mission effectively, the Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank must develop and sustain a reputation for excellence by following the principles of independence, impartiality, and integrity. 

The country assistance program evaluation (CAPE) provides a credible assessment of the performance of ADB assistance in a particular developing member country. These guidelines build on the experience and lessons from the original 2006 guidelines issued by ADB's Independent Evaluation Department.

lessons from ADB’s first generation of CAPEs, and they draw on a review of the experience of
other multilateral development banks (MDBs)

These guidelines cover the preparation of performance evaluation reports for ADB projects, programs, and technical assistance in the public sector.