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This Learning Curves provides an overview of the evaluation on ADB’s microfinance development strategy. The study had two objectives: assess the performance of the ADB’s microfinance assistance, and build knowledge on the effectiveness of microfinance in reducing poverty based on ADB’s experiences.

This brief discusses the potential risks to Asia from a crisis in Europe, and provides lessons from evaluations of crisis response support prepared by ADB and other international financial institutions.

This report reviews the emerging experience with the economic crisis emanating from the Euro area to draw implications of such situations for Asia and ADB. It draws on analysis within the ADB, in other international financial institutions (IFIs), and in the research community, with particular attention to the lessons from evaluations of past crises and IFI responses to them.

This edition of Learning Curves summarizes an impact evaluation conducted on a low-income housing finance project in Sri Lanka. 

This special evaluation study presents an independent evaluation of the implementation of ADB's first three financing partnership facilities (FPF) in the areas of water, regional cooperation and integration, and clean energy.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the evaluation on the performance of ADB's public and private sector operations in support of PPPs in power, transport, and water sectors, and the development of related frameworks in the past two decades.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the evaluation on ADB's support for financial intermediation through a review of past experiences and evolving nature of ADB's practices in financial intermediation for private sector development in DMCs.

This paper presents an independent evaluation of ADB assistance to the financial sector in Mongolia. The report identifies lessons from past ADB strategies and programs in the sector and provides inputs for preparation of the country assistance program evaluation of Mongolia and for formulation of the next country partnership strategy.

This issue of the Learning Curves looked into the performance of ADB's public and private sector assistance related to the development of policy, legal and regulatory framework and institutions for stock and bond markets from 1986-2006.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the evaluation study on ADB's private equity fund (PEF) operations from 1983 to 2007 and how PEF operations could contribute better to private sector development.