Evaluation Resources

Results 1-5 of 5 for Urban development Finance

This edition of Learning Curves summarizes an impact evaluation conducted on a low-income housing finance project in Sri Lanka. 

This study empirically assesses the socioeconomic impacts of the Urban Development and Low-Income Housing Project in Sri Lanka and provides lessons and recommendations to help enhance the development effectiveness of ADB's future housing finance projects.

This report evaluates the performance of the Regional Development Account Project designed to improve access to basic urban infrastructure and services and achieve urban sector policy and development priorities in Indonesia

This sector assistance program evaluation provides a comprehensive and independent assessment of the impact of ADB’s assistance over the past 30 years, on an aggregated basis, on the sector’s development and financial performance, as well as its wider impact on economic development and poverty reduction.

This report assesses a technical assistance (TA) grant intended to assist the Government of Bangladesh in rationalizing the organizational and operational performance of the many and various housing sector institutions, and/or those with public housing interests, including those involved with housing finance