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This report evaluates the performance of the Ninth Power Project aimed to improve the electric supply in Dhaka area and nearby rural areas in Bangladesh.

This report evaluates the performance of the Third Natural Gas Development Project aimed to promote sector reforms, expand the gas distribution and treatment facilities and upgrade, rehabilitate and expand the gas transmission distribution in Banglades...

This evaluation knowledge brief (EKB) examines, from the perspective of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ADB's energy sector assistance over 2001–2008 in selected countries.

Validates the completion report's assessment of the project aimed at developing sustainable management and biodiversity conservation system for Sundarbans Reserved Forest resources in Bangladesh on the basis of environmentally sound plans and participation of key stakeholders. IED overall assessment: Unsuccessful.

This report evaluates the performance of the Khulna-Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project aimed to increase agricultural production and create on-farm employment by rehabilitating existing drainage infrastructure in Khulna-Jessore in Bangladesh.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the performance evaluation of ADB's Global Environment Facility cofinanced projects and drew on lessons of their experience.

This special evaluation study aims to learn from the experience of the mature Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects in the ADB portfolio to improve future performance.

This report evaluates the performance of the Second Aquaculture Development Project aimed at developing extension services for shrimp and carp culture development, providing complementary credit and piloting floodplain fisheries enhancement in Bangladesh.