Evaluation Resources

In December 1995, the Government of Viet Nam adopted the comprehensive Power Sector Policy. This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report evaluates five advisory TAs supporting the institutional development objectives in Viet Nam’s power sector.

This technical assistance (TA) performance audit report reviews eight advisory TA projects--three in the Lao People's Democratic Republic and five in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam--that were attached to loan projects for the construction or rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure to strengthen sector institutions.

This report assesses two technical assistance projects on the financing of social services, one in Viet Nam and another in Sri Lanka. It identifies lessons and insights for ADB’s operations in social sectors.

Three advisory technical assistance (TA) grants were selected for evaluation in this TA performance audit report, which reflected efforts to improve management of the physical infrastructure (particularly road networks) and the institutional capacity in Viet Nam and Cambodia.

This technical assistance performance audit report is the first operations evaluation report on selected technical assistance (TA) interventions on road safety. The evaluation includes three TAs: Regional Initiatives in Road Safety, Preparation of a Road Safety Program in the People's Republic of China, and Road Safety in India.

This report assesses the effectiveness of three technical assistance activities to upgrade the skills of appropriate staff in the State Bank of Viet Nam, the Ministry of Finance, and five selected commercial banks; and improve the institutional capability of these organizations to manage their respective roles in the financial sector.

This report assesses a technical assistance (TA) grant intended to help the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam build up its rural financing capability by developing the capacity of the Viet Nam Bank for Agriculture for credit appraisal, processing and supervision; implementation of loan systems in a market-driven economy, an microcredit assessment.