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Results 1-4 of 4 for Viet Nam Private sector

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the evaluation on the private sector development and operations to assess the degree to which PSOD is pursuing its objectives, the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and extent of ADB's value

Following decades of war, Viet Nam adopted a socialist political system at the time of unification in 1976. In 1986, the Government launched the Doi Moi (economic renovation) policy that permitted a role for the private sector. Initially progress was slow, but the Government launched dramatic reform measures following a famine in the northern provinces of Viet Nam in 1988.

This special evaluation study reviews trends in foreign direct investment and reviews ADB's strategic response to these developments and the results detailed in previous country, sector, and project evaluations.

This report evaluates the performance of the Loans to Nghi Son Cement Corporation which aims to construct a cement plant at Nghi Son and a cement handling terminal in Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam.