Evaluation Resources

This paper reviews ADB’s governance and anticorruption concerns in past and existing country strategies and programs for Sri Lanka, examines various governance and anticorruption measures in the assistance program, and assesses the contribution of the assistance program to governance and anticorruption efforts in Sri Lanka.

This paper reviews the context of ADB's policy-based lending operations in Sri Lanka, analyzes the extent of the country’s compliance with policy measures that it had agreed to, reviews key achievements of policy-based programs, and identifies lessons from operations.

This report examines the operating context and strategies of ADB assistance to conflict-affected North and East Sri Lanka. It provides considerations for rethinking future ADB assistance to conflict-affected areas, taking into account requisites for feasible project implementation.

This special evaluation study assesses the Sri Lankan macroeconomic, sector, institutional, social and other policies; policy constraints; and conditions prevailing at the time of formulation and implementation of the loan projects funded by ADB.