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Results 1-4 of 4 for Papua New Guinea Education

Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project, which aimed to increase the availability of short-term, quality, competency-based, relevant employment-oriented skills training, and greater possibilities for application of acquired skills in wage and self-employment. IED overall assessment: Less than successful.

This report evaluates the performance of the Higher Education Project designed to improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of higher education system, and enhancing the quality of teacher's education in Papua New Guinea.

On July 2006, the Director General of the Independent Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank received this response from the Managing Director General on behalf of Management on the Project Performance Evaluation Report for the Higher Education Project In Papua New Guinea.

The impact evaluation study was conducted to assess the long-term impact of the assistance provided by ADB to technical education and vocational training (TEVT) in Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka.