Evaluation Resources

Results 1-6 of 6 for Pakistan Learning Curves

This Learning Curves provides an overview of the evaluation on ADB’s microfinance development strategy. The study had two objectives: assess the performance of the ADB’s microfinance assistance, and build knowledge on the effectiveness of microfinance in reducing poverty based on ADB’s experiences.

This edition of Learning Curves summarizes the evaluation knowledge brief that examines, from the perspective of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ADB's energy sector assistance over 2001.

This impact evaluation study assesses the performance of Punjab Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PRWSSP), and Punjab Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PCWSSP) in Pakistan.

This issue of the Learning Curves looked into the performance of ADB's public and private sector assistance related to the development of policy, legal and regulatory framework and institutions for stock and bond markets from 1986-2006.

This issue of the Learning Curves summarizes the special evaluation study on project cost estimates to determine the major causes of cost underruns and overruns, assess the contribution of each to cost variations and recommend ways to improve the reliability of cost estimates, and share the risk of unpredictable changes.

The conclusions of a recent assessment of the performance of ADB's development assistance in Pakistan have implications for resource allocations, design of operations, program management, and business processes.