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This corporate evaluation examines the effectiveness of ADB’s approach to support the strengthening and effective application of country safeguard systems by its developing member countries, and the degree and effectiveness of the implementation of safeguard requirements for financial intermediary projects.

This corporate evaluation study assesses the strategic relevance of technical assistance (TA) within ADB and how TA and the associated management processes within ADB can better contribute to development effectiveness. The evaluation also generates a series of findings and recommendations to guide ADB in its use of TA. 

This report assesses ADB support for enhancing governance and draw on lessons and evidence from the broader global experience. The evaluation provides guidance to strengthen the effectiveness of future work in this area. The findings will also feed into the midterm review of Asian Development Fund (ADF) XI, to take place in late 2014.

This report validates the findings of the Cambodia country partnership strategy (CPS) final review, assess the quality of the self-evaluation and identify lessons and recommendations to improve the design and implementation of the upcoming CPS while providing a basis to ensure accountability for future self-evaluations.