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This project performance evaluation report reviews the nonsovereign components of the project involving the provision of a partial credit guarantee to one financial institution to support its lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a proposed equity investment in a credit information bureau. The rationale and objectives of both components were to improve the enabling environment for SMEs and their ability to access finance.

The 2014 Annual Evaluation Review assesses ADB’s operational performance in 2013, and the follow-up given to evaluation recommendations that Management agreed to. The report reviews recent evaluations and offers analysis, lessons and suggestions for operations and strategy development. 

This brief looks at how ADB set and monitored its institutional priorities for promoting inclusive growth at the corporate level and through its country operations. It discusses lessons and recommendations to further increase inclusion. 

This report of the Development Effectiveness Committee (DEC) to the Board contains findings, conclusions, and recommendations from its review and discussions from 1 January to 31 December 2013 of selected evaluation studies by the Independent Evaluation Department (IED).

These guidelines are interim in nature as they will be further revised to reflect changes in the Guidelines for Preparing Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Sector Operations, which is being updated. This interim guidelines were prepared to accommodate various changes in the validation exercise that have been introduced through various IED circulars and changes in ADB’s Operations Manual since 2012.