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  • November 2014

    Afghanistan and Tajikistan: Regional Power Transmission Interconnection Project

    In 2006, the total power generation capacity in Afghanistan declined from 456 megawatts (MW) in the 1990s to about 250 MW in 2005. Much of this generation capacity was destroyed and damaged during the wars. Also, a significant portion of the transmission and distribution networks were damaged and stolen. Only 6%–9% of the population had access to power, of which approximately 30% were in Kabul.
  • November 2014

    Tajikistan: Agriculture Rehabilitation Project

    This performance evaluation report assesses the performance and impact of the program and generates a series of findings, lessons and recommendations to contribute in the future ADB operations in the agriculture sector.
  • November 2014

    2015 Annual Evaluation Review

    ONGOING EVALUATION. The 2015 Annual Evaluation Review provides an assessment of ADB’s operational performance and aims to synthesize findings of use to ADB, amid global events affecting both donor and developing member countries, as well as important changes in its strategic directions, such as the Midterm Review (MTR) Action Plan and its action plan.
  • October 2014

    Georgia: Municipal Services Development Project– Phase 2

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved in 2008 a loan for a Phase I project to finance the rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage, development of solid waste management systems, rehabilitation of municipal roads, and improvement of municipal transport. However, several urgent urban transport subprojects were not included under PhaseI as the resources were committed to other priority subprojects and municipalities. Thus, Phase 2, which this validation is reviewing, was conceived to cover these subprojects.
  • October 2014

    Viet Nam: Health Care in the Central Highlands Project

    This health care project in Viet Nam was to support the implementation of a new government initiative—the Prime Minister’s Decision 139 that aimed to establish the Health Care Fund for the Poor (HCFP). It emphasized the capacity development of the provincial health departments for planning, financing, and managing health services.
  • October 2014

    Bangladesh: Second Participatory Livestock Development Project

    ADB has been involved in various livestock development projects in Bangladesh, such as the Participatory Livestock Development Project, in recognition of the role of the livestock sector in reducing poverty and the need to improve the capacity of Department of Livestock Services in the delivery of services. Building on the achievements of previous ADB projects, the Second Participatory Livestock Development Project was intended to broaden livestock development opportunities for the rural poor households. 
  • October 2014

    People’s Republic of China: Guangdong Energy Efficiency and Environment Improvement Investment Program, Tranche 1

    Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project, which aimed to improve energy efficiency in the industrial and commercial sectors in Guangdong province in the People’s Republic of China. IED overall assessment: Successful.
  • October 2014

    Viet Nam: Central Region Transport Networks Improvement Sector Project

    Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project, which aimed to induce more efficient and cost-effective movement of passengers and goods in the central region’s rural areas of Viet Nam. IED overall assessment: Successful.
  • October 2014

    Uzbekistan: Woman and Child Health Development Project

    Validates the completion report’s assessment of the project, which aimed to support health sector reforms and increase the efficiency of the health care delivery system for women and child health in Uzbekistan. IED overall assessment: Successful.
  • October 2014

    India: Rural Road Sector II Investment Program (Project 1)

    Validates the completion report’s assessment of the program, which aimed to improve connectivity of rural communities of India to markets, district headquarters, and other centers of economic activity via the road investment program. IED overall assessment: Successful.