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  • October 2015

    Sri Lanka: Distance Education Modernization Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This project performance evaluation report will assess the performance of Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) loan provided to the Ministry of Population Development and Implementation in Sri Lanka to increase educational opportunities throughout Sri Lanka for secondary school graduates who cannot enter conventional universities due to limited capacity. Findings and lessons drawn from this evaluation will feed into the 2016 country assistance program evaluation for Sri Lanka.
  • October 2015

    Sri Lanka: Tsunami-Affected Areas Rebuilding Project

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation approach paper presents the background, issues to be addressed, a proposed approach, and schedule for preparing a project performance evaluation report of the Sri Lanka Tsunami-Affected Areas Rebuilding Project. Findings of the evaluation will provide an input to the country assistance program evaluation for Sri Lanka planned for 2016.
  • October 2015

    Technical Assistance Grants to Support Development of Cross-Border Bond Markets in the ASEAN+3 Countries

    This report assesses the performance of seven regional technical assistance (TA) grants executed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI), funded primarily by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Japan, and the Republic of Korea. The ABMI was launched in December 2002 by finance ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the PRC, Japan, and the Republic of Korea—collectively referred to as the “ASEAN+3” countries.
  • September 2015

    Regional: Greater Mekong Subregion Regional Communicable Diseases Control Project

    The economic impact of cross-border transmission and the spread of emerging and epidemic infectious diseases on tourism, trade, and productivity can reach billions of US dollars. Within the framework of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) economic cooperation program, the ADB supported a grant-financed project to help three GMS countries—Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Viet Nam—mitigate increased risks from greater transmission of communicable diseases resulting from greater connectivity for goods and services.
  • September 2015

    Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Validation of Country Partnership Strategy Final Review, 2012–2016

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This validation report of country partnership strategy (CPS) final review will assess the progress and results of Lao People’s Democratic Republic CPS 2012-2016, findings of which will provide inputs to the new CPS 2017-2021. This validation will evaluate the objectives of the current CPS against actual project approvals, implementation, and portfolio performance. Lessons and recommendations to improve the design and implementation of ADB’s activities in the incoming CPS will be identified. 
  • September 2015

    Corporate Evaluation Study on Asian Development Fund X and XI Operations

    Most countries benefiting from the Asian Development Fund (ADF) have seen moderate rates of economic growth and reduction of income poverty in the recent decade. But continuing challenges in fragile and conflict affected situations, substantial income and non-income disparities, environmental degradation, in addition to persistent pockets of extreme poverty, call for renewed and more effective development efforts in these countries.
  • September 2015

    2015 IED Awards

    Independent Evaluation presents awards for good quality self-evaluations of ADB projects, those that demonstrate sustainability, and for an ADB project with exemplary performance. Candidates for the awards were drawn from the 79 project completion reports (PCRs) and 26 extended annual review reports (XARRs) that were independently validated in 2014.
  • September 2015

    India: Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environmental Management Program

    Ongoing Evaluation. This approach paper presents the background, issues to be addressed and the proposed approach and schedule for the evaluation of the program. The evaluation will provide inputs to the ongoing evaluation on the effectiveness of safeguards implementation (phase 2) and country assistance program evaluation for India (planned for 2017). This evaluation approach paper sets out the scope and approach of this evaluation, the requisite data sources, and the tentative resource and schedule requirements.
  • September 2015

    Sri Lanka Water Supply and Sanitation

    ONGOING EVALUATION. The proposed technical assistance performance evaluation report will evaluate three technical assistance (TA) projects implemented by ADB in Sri Lanka in the area of water supply and sanitation.The evaluation will feed into the water sector assessment for the second country assistance program evaluation for Sri Lanka to be prepared in 2016 covering the period 2006–2015. This approach paper elaborates the approach for the evaluation, outlining the scope, requisite data sources, and tentative resource and schedule requirements.
  • September 2015

    Indonesia: Rural Infrastructure Support to the PNPM Mandiri Project II

    The community-driven development approach introduced in Indonesia in 1998 allowed communities to have control over planning decisions and investment resources so as to improve service delivery. The process mobilized local people, enabling them to prioritize their development needs, design activities, seek technical assistance, manage resources, and implement and sustain development actions. This organized collective action aimed to empower poor villagers by engaging local governments and national agencies to improve delivery of pro-poor services.