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  • Annual Consultation Meeting for Financing Partnership Facilities

    The meeting aims to strengthen the partnerships among ADB, financing partnership facilities and cooperation funds stakeholders for enhanced aid effectiveness.

  • Funds and Resources

    ADB funds activities in various sectors or for specific themes through loans and grants, financed from ordinary capital resources (OCR) as well as special and trust funds.

  • Did You Know? Asian Development Fund

    The Asian Development Fund is crucial for improving lives of this most vulnerable group in the region.


Most of ADB's lending comes from its ordinary capital resources, offered at near-market terms to lower- to middle-income countries. ADB also provides loans and grants from Special Funds, of which the Asian Development Fund is the largest. The Asian Development Fund offers loans at very low interest rates and grants that help reduce poverty in ADB's poorest borrowing countries.

In 2013, ADB’s operations totaled $21.02 billion, $14.38 billion financed by ADB and Special Funds and $6.64 billion by cofinancing partners. 

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Fast Facts

10.363(2013) Ordinary Capital Resources, in US$ billions

4.012(2013) Special Funds Resources, in US$ billions

6.648(2013) Direct Value-added Cofinancing, in US$ billions