Most of ADB's lending comes from its ordinary capital resources, offered at near-market terms to lower- to middle-income countries. ADB also provides loans and grants from Special Funds, of which the Asian Development Fund is the largest. The Asian Development Fund offers loans at very low interest rates and grants that help reduce poverty in ADB's poorest borrowing countries.

In 2012, ADB’s own funding of $13.30 billion leveraged $8.27 billion of cofinancing. Official cofinancing comprised 26% of total cofinancing.

Official cofinancing commitments of $2.17 billion were received in the form of grants and concessional loans from bilateral, multilateral, and other development agencies to cofinance 49 investment projects and 129 technical assistance projects. ADB also received commitments of $534.20 million through trust funds and allocations from global funding initiatives in support of the agriculture and natural resources, education, energy, water, and other priority sectors. Presently, ADB is administering 36 trust funds, including resources from 4 global funding initiatives.

Partnering with other development organizations helped ADB to achieve better results for DMCs.