Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project

The project procurement-related review report on the Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project draws lessons learned and remedial actions to strengthen internal controls and enhance project implementation. Read More

Sanctions Rise as Partnerships Strengthen ADB's Anticorruption and Integrity Measures

ADB's anticorruption work in 2013 focused on prevention, oversight, investigation, and deterrence through strengthened due diligence, partnerships, awareness raising, and greater outreach. Read More

Anticorruption Seminar

The seminar aims to improve understanding of ADB’s Anticorruption Policy and ways to prevent and detect fraud and corruption in ADB-financed projects in Papua New Guinea, such as procurement and audit methods. Read More

Ningxia Integrated Ecosystem and Agricultural Development Project: Project Procurement-Related Review

The project procurement-related report on Ningxia Integrated Ecosystem and Agricultural Development Project highlights that effective project planning, management, and coordination result in sound infrastructure. Read More

Fighting fraud and corruption in ADB projects

ADB’s Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) recognizes that tackling corruption requires a multifaceted approach and a comprehensive network of partnerships and alliances. Tasked to ensure that the finite development funds entrusted to ADB are not misused as a result of fraud and corruption, OAI relies on close collaborations with internal and external partners and stakeholders to fulfill its mandate. OAI’s mandate is underpinned by ADB’s zero tolerance to corruption.  It is aligned with ADB’s broader commitment to combat corruption and improve governance as a core strategic objective of ADB Strategy 2020, and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness of 2005--to which ADB is a signatory--in support of effective, transparent, and accountable aid.

In 2013, OAI’s anticorruption work focused on prevention, oversight, investigation, and deterrence through partnership, awareness raising, and outreach. Its achievements in 2013 reflect OAI’s close partnership and teamwork with ADB’s governance and operations departments as well as external partners to address fraud, corruption, abuse of resources, and other violations that undermine the integrity and effectiveness of ADB-funded activities.

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Key Statistics

793 (as of 22 September 2014)
firms currently debarred by ADB

534 (as of 22 September 2014)
individuals currently debarred by ADB



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