Project Procurement-Related Reviews

The Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) conducts project procurement-related reviews (PPRRs) on active ADB-financed, administered or supported projects, to confirm compliance with applicable ADBs policies, guidelines, and loan/grant agreements, with a focus on preventing and detecting integrity violations.

PPRRs provide greater assurance that project funds are used for intended development objectives and beneficiaries. PPRRs help the implementing agencies and the project teams identify and develop preventive measures to mitigate fiduciary risks, improve project management, and enhance project implementation. OAI conducts selected PPRRs in close collaboration with Supreme Audit Institutions--national organizations that set standards for audit work. Close liaison with the developing member country’s project officers is fundamental to the PPRR process.

PPPRs do

  • focus on procurement, financial management, and asset verification;
  • assess adequacy of internal controls in place;
  • identify irregularities and non-compliance;
  • inspect project outputs;
  • make recommendations to mitigate/eliminate fraud, corruption or abuse of resources

PPPRs do not

evaluate to assess development effectiveness of ADB projects
review project outcomes or development impact, which can only be assessed after finalization of a project

To facilitate transfer OAI’s PPRR knowledge and skills across ADB, OAI welcomes the participation of ADB project officers in conducting PPRRs. This benefits the project immediately and provides a platform for relaying PPRR knowledge and skills to the project officers of developing member countries. The parallel objective is to maximize the specialized skills and experience of OAI and share them with the project teams by providing hands-on training in the arena of prevention and detection of fraud and corruption, thereby immediately benefiting ADB projects and improving development effectiveness.

PPRRs form part of OAI’s proactive and preventive activities role in combating fraud and corruption. The reviews are in line with ADB's efforts to manage for development results.

Recently posted PPRRs

Since 2003, OAI has conducted 51 PPRRs (46 completed) for various ADB projects.

Sector Country
Agriculture and Natural Resources Bangladesh (Loan 1486), (Loan 2254)
Cambodia (Loan 1862)
Indonesia (Loan 1909)
Kyrgyz Republic (Loan 1726)
Lao PDR (Grant 0144)
Mongolia (Loan 1736 - 2005), (Loan 1736 - 2009)
Nepal (Loan 2092)
Pakistan (Loan 1672)
People's Republic of China (Loan 2436)
Philippines (Loan 1772), (Loan 2311
Education Cambodia (Loan 2121)
Lao PDR (Loan 1844)
Mongolia (Loan 2238)
Sri Lanka (Loan 2096), (Loan 2371)
Viet Nam (Loan 1979)
Energy Nepal (Loan 1732)
Pakistan (Loan 2289/2396)
Samoa (Loan 2368), (Loan 2368 - Follow-up)
Health and Social Protection Bangladesh (Loan 2172)
Indonesia (Loan 1810)
Lao PDR (Grant 0232)
Mongolia (Loan 1998), (Grant 0086)
Multisector Afghanistan (Loan 1997)
Viet Nam (Loan 1564)
Transport and ICT Armenia (Loan 2351)
Azerbaijan (Loan 2354/2355) (Loan 2433)
Cambodia (Loan 2539)
Fiji Islands (Loan 1530)
India (Loan 1747)
Kazakhstan (Loan 2503)
Mongolia (Loan 2087)
Nepal (Loan 2581), (Loan 2685)
Papua New Guinea (Loan 1709), (Loan 2079)
People's Republic of China (Loan 2216), (Loan 2219)
Philippines (Loan 1665)
Sri Lanka (Loan 1649)
Viet Nam (Loan 1653), (Loan 2391/2392)
Water and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services Bhutan (Loan 2258)
India (Loan 2151)
Indonesia (Loan 2163/2164)
Kyrgyz Republic (Grant 0122)(Русский)
Uzbekistan (Loan 1842)


As former ADB President Kuroda indicated during the 2011 Anticorruption Day, "Corruption is a disproportionate tax on the poor and a deterrent to inclusive growth." OAI's reviews serve to reduce the risk of fraudulent and corrupt practices in ADB-financed, administered or supported projects. Project funds will be less at risk of being diverted towards ineligible or unauthorized purposes.

These reviews add to the momentum of increasing developing member countries’ awareness of and compliance with ADB’s Anticorruption Policy. Should reviews indicate violations of the Policy, OAI conducts further investigations and seeks the cooperation of executing agency and project staff in its efforts.