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  • Inaugural ADB Green Bond to Drive More Funds to Climate Change Projects

    ADB has raised $500 million from an inaugural green bond issue, aimed at channeling more investor funds to ADB projects that promote low-carbon and climate-resilient economic growth and development in developing Asia. 

  • ADB at a Glance

    ADB's capital structure provides the greatest levels of security for fixed income investments, as a result of strong governance and conservative financial management, supported by a powerful balance sheet, and backed by sovereign shareholders.

  • ADB Clean Energy Bonds 2014

    ADB's Clean Energy Program of the Asian Development Bank seeks to meet energy security needs, facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy, provide universal access to energy, and achieve ADB’s vision of a region free of poverty.

  • ADB Water Bonds

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) disbursed about $676 million in 79 water-related projects in 2012, financed through public sector lending under ADB’s ordinary capital resources. Learn more about ADB's Water Bonds.

  • ADB Corporate Video

    This video serves as an introduction to ADB's work and its impact. It highlights continuing challenges faced in the region and Strategy 2020: ADB's effort to address these challenges.

ADB as a Borrower

A leading triple-A borrower in the international markets, ADB raises funds regularly through international and domestic capital markets, reflecting strong credit fundamentals and conservative financial policies.

ADB’s overriding borrowing objective is to ensure availability of funds at the most stable and lowest possible cost for the benefit of its OCR borrowers. Subject to this objective, ADB seeks to diversify its sources of funding across markets, instruments, and maturities, and has so far issued bonds in 31 currencies.

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Fast Facts

850million People lack access to safe drinking water

 people live on less than $2 a day (2013)

1 of 20 Children who die before reaching age 5

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The ADB Investor Presentation provides an overview of the Asian Development Bank, its operations, and other information relevant to prospective investors.
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