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ADB has signed a $40 million loan agreement with Khan Bank, one of the biggest banks in Mongolia, to provide better access to bank financing for the country’s micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

ADB is providing a $40 million emergency assistance grant to assist with the reconstruction of irrigation and rural road infrastructure at 15 provinces in northern Afghanistan that suffered heavy damage from severe flooding earlier this year.

ADB has approved a $500,000 technical assistance grant to support the flagship fellowship program run by the non-governmental organization Teach for the Philippines (TFP), under which 120 young Filipinos will be recruited as teaching fellows and trained in modern IT-based teaching methods.

Thousands of villagers from Enga Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) celebrated the completion of their financial education training in a mass graduation ceremony today—marking another milestone for a Microfinance Expansion Project supported by ADB and Australia.

Work has begun to upgrade and rehabilitate Susubona Wharf on the southern shore of Santa Isabel. The Government of New Zealand is providing additional finance to upgrade the wharf, which will involve the demolition of the existing wharf head and causeway and the construction of a new reinforced concrete wharf head—raised to minimize erosion caused by waves and debris. A new causeway made of salvaged rock coral material will also be constructed.

A new $2 million grant will support South Asia’s push to slow the spread of livestock diseases like foot and mouth and avian flu which have caused billions of dollars of losses to farmers and economies in recent years.

ADB has signed a ground-breaking agreement in partnership with 13 banks to support Beijing Enterprises Water Group Company Limited (BEWG) to promote high standard wastewater treatment and reuse in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Japan are supporting a grassroots project to manage risks and reduce impacts from floods and other natural disasters in vulnerable communities in Cambodia.

ADB and Government of Japan are providing technical assistance to help Greater Mekong Subregion member countries tackle weaknesses in sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) procedures, which are undermining cross border trade flows.

ADB is providing a $38 million grant and allocating another $12 million grant from the ADB-administered Strategic Climate Fund to help the Maldives tap its ample renewable power sources and reduce its reliance on costly, polluting diesel oil-fuelled electricity.