Knowledge Management Results Framework

Results frameworks improve management effectiveness by defining realistic expected results, monitoring progress toward their achievement, integrating lessons into decisions, and reporting on performance.

In July 2009, ADB approved its knowledge management action plan, entitled Enhancing Knowledge Management under Strategy 2020: Plan of Action for 2009-2011, to advance ADB’s knowledge management agenda under Strategy 2020. The action plan works toward

In March 2010, after extensive internal consultations, ADB crafted a knowledge management results framework. Containing 37 action points that combine stand-alone projects with interconnected and continuing initiatives, the results framework showcases the expected outcomes, useful results indicators, specific activity indicators, targets, and sources of verification that operationalize the action plan.

The Knowledge Management Action Plan 2009–2011 was completed on 31 July 2011.  Of the 37 action points, 70% had been fully adopted, 8% largely adopted, and 16% partially adopted by July 2011, the plan's termination date.

Highlights of Accomplishments

Pillars Progress
Sharpen knowledge focus in ADB’s operations
  • New sector peer review procedures were incorporated into ADB’s business processes for country partnership strategies and lending products.
  • ADB strengthened the terms of reference of its knowledge management champions.
  • Efforts to transform sector- and theme-related information into knowledge were boosted.
  • ADB’s drive to broaden understanding of tools, methods, and approaches for knowledge management and learning continued through the Knowledge Solutions and Knowledge Showcases series.
  • ADB published the Sustainable Development Timeline, which catalogs major sector and thematic landmarks in ADB’s journey to promote sustainable development.
  • Marketing and distribution of knowledge products were expanded via Scribd.*
Empower communities of practice
  • 8 additional staff positions were allocated and the budget increased tenfold in 2010. 
  • CoPs were mainstreamed into operations via
    • legitimization of role in the peer review process, formulation of CPSs, and lending and nonlending operations
    • representation in the panel for recruiting international staff
    • participation in the budget review process
  • CoPs conducted self assessments and developed customized training programs to address knowledge and skills gap.
  • ADB formulated the revised guidelines for sector and thematic reporting.
  • Collaboration mechanisms for cross-departmental and multi-disciplinary knowledge sharing were set up, including a CoP news aggregator that allows the members of different CoPs to share news more regularly and comprehensively.
  • 2 surveys of ADB-Hosted CoPs have been conducted.
  • A year-end event designed for networking and knowledge sharing among CoPs was introduced in 2009 and continued onward.
Strengthen external knowledge partnerships
  • Guidelines on Knowledge Partnerships were formulated and published.
  • A database on partnerships and agreements was created.
  • A system to facilitate bank-wide and decentralized management and monitoring of partnerships is under development.
  • Dissemination and visibility of ADB’s knowledge products were expanded through ADB’s depository library program and multi-donor public information center network.
Further enhance staff learning and skills development
  • 6 hour-long modules for the Learning for Change Primers series were developed and conducted.
  • 4 modules for the Knowledge Management and Learning Series were developed and conducted.
  • 2 batches of the Narrative Practitioners training program were conducted.
  • Budget for external training was expanded.
  • The TA Strategic Forum was established in 2008 to set ADB’s research and knowledge priorities in line with Strategy 2020.
  • Efforts to capture, store, and share the tacit knowledge of past and present staff resulted in a major publication, ADB: Reflections and Beyond, and anaccompanying audio composition, Beyond: Stories and Sounds from ADB's Region. Currently in development is the ADB Sustainable Development Timeline, an interactive platform hosting interviews, documentaries, b-roll, graphics, photo essays, and more.