Visions of Asia's Water Realities

The Water Voices documentary series, launched in 2003, showcases people finding local solutions to important water-related problems. Broadcast by television networks and featured in film festivals, the series enjoys continued popularity almost a decade later. Read More

Raising Farmer Incomes through High-Value Crops

To improve the livelihood of small farmers in in Bangladesh's northwest region, the Northwest Crop Diversification Project provided them with credit and information on high-value crops, and improved their links to markets. Read More

Boosting Aquaculture Livelihoods in Post-Disaster Aceh, Indonesia

The tsunami that struck Aceh Province in Indonesia in 2004 devastated coastal aquaculture livelihoods. The ADB-assisted Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project engaged fish farmers to build and operate four Aquaculture Livelihood Service Centers. Read More

Better Air Quality Improves Quality of Life

Air pollution persists as a threat to the environment and the health and quality of life of Asia's urban population. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 530,000 premature deaths in Asia are caused annually by urban air pollution. Read More


ADB uses its wide range of knowledge tools, techniques, and approaches to drive change and development in the region. For 2013–2015, ADB intends to raise the bar by offering "finance++", superior combinations of attractive financing, strategic partnerships, and high-quality knowledge to maximize and accelerate development effectiveness.

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