Addressing Energy-efficiency with Virtual Power Plants

Improved incentives and regulatory measures can promote widespread investments in virtual efficiency power plant initiatives. Energy-efficiency champions can fill the information gap on new energy-efficient technologies. Read More

Improving Regional Cooperation in Energy Today

Approaches to regional energy cooperation depend on subregional resources, the market mix, and associated interests. Except in the Greater Mekong Subregion, the role of multilateral development banks in regional energy cooperation has been uncertain. Read More

Love Your Car or Love Your City

Unrestrained growth of cars is destroying livable cities. Equitable mobility is required. Therefore, a vision for urban transport to create livable cities is needed. Read More

Measuring Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Road Transport

Transport is the fastest growing CO2 emitter. You can't fix what you can't measure. Enhanced planning, use of technology, and incentives are "smart transport" options. Read More


ADB uses its wide range of knowledge tools, techniques, and approaches to drive change and development in the region. For 2013–2015, ADB intends to raise the bar by offering "finance++", superior combinations of attractive financing, strategic partnerships, and high-quality knowledge to maximize and accelerate development effectiveness.

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