Clean Air Scorecard Helps Clear the Air in the People's Republic of China

ADB's application of the clean air scorecard in the Hangzhou and Jinan of the People's Republic of China (PRC) enabled the cities to assess and address their air pollution problems and spurred replication in other Asian cities. Read More

Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation in Bangladesh

ADB's quick response to the Government of Bangladesh's request for assistance led to a $15 million grant and $180 million loan for damage rehabilitation, and the establishment of a decentralized Flood Monitoring Unit in Dhaka. Read More

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation After the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake

ADB formulated and approved the Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project in less than two months. The project harnessed the energies of 19 Gujarat agencies. Read More

Climate Proofing Timor-Leste's Roads

When climatic changes impact roads to the point that their closure becomes commonplace, climate change risks should logically be considered in a rehabilitation project. In a pilot, this is what Timor-Leste and ADB are learning to do. Read More


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