Viet Nam's Poor Gains from Participatory Agriculture Research and Extension

Engaging poor farmers to address critical agricultural issues in Viet Nam leads to higher productivity and exports. Read More

Beyond Emergency Responses: Ensuring the Legacy of Market-Based Microfinance Expansion

Responsive financial services to micro and small enterprises expedited post-tsunami Aceh and Nias Island's recovery. Read More

Mapping the Sea: Knowledge for Natural Resources Management

Combining modern technology with local knowledge, Aceh farmers mapped their sea and found a greater fish catch. Read More

Tackling Extreme Poverty Using a Household-based Approach

Poor households continue to be the most vulnerable. A household-based approach works to alleviate ultra-poverty. Read More


ADB uses its wide range of knowledge tools, techniques, and approaches to drive change and development in the region. For 2013–2015, ADB intends to raise the bar by offering "finance++", superior combinations of attractive financing, strategic partnerships, and high-quality knowledge to maximize and accelerate development effectiveness.

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