Sharing Information and Expertise: the Knowledge Revolution

Increasingly, developing countries in Asia and the Pacific need information and expertise as much or more than they need financing. Read More

Flexibility Fixes Land Acquisition, Payment Concerns in Bangladesh

The communal land system in Chittagong Hill Tract makes land acquisition complex. An ADB-assisted project to improve infrastructure and incomes overcame this challenge through continuous consultation, resulting in the first successful application of consensus-based compensation under ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement. Read More

Clean Air Scorecard Helps Clear the Air in the People's Republic of China

ADB and Clean Air Asia’s application of the clean air scorecard in the PRC enabled the cities of Hangzhou and Jinan to assess and address their air pollution and air quality management capacity. This success spurred plans to scale up its application Asia-wide to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation. Read More

Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power for India's Energy-Poor Homes

Millions of households in India lack access to electricity, pushing people to use hazardous and expensive means to light up their homes. ADBs $2 million equity investment in Simpa Networks aims to provide rural households in India with affordable energy using pay-as-you-go solar home systems. Read More


ADB uses its wide range of knowledge tools, techniques, and approaches to drive change and development in the region. For 2013–2015, ADB intends to raise the bar by offering "finance++", superior combinations of attractive financing, strategic partnerships, and high-quality knowledge to maximize and accelerate development effectiveness.

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