Perception Surveys

Perception surveys

Since 2005, ADB has conducted annual surveys to measure staff perceptions of knowledge management. Survey findings are benchmarked against the eight recognized MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises) knowledge performance dimensions:

  • Create an enterprise knowledge-driven culture.
  • Develop knowledge workers through senior management leadership.
  • Deliver knowledge-based products/services/solutions.
  • Maximize enterprise intellectual capital.
  • Create an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing.
  • Create a learning organization.
  • Deliver value based on customer knowledge.
  • Transform enterprise knowledge into shareholder value.

From 2007, the results of these surveys were integrated into ADB's Annual Development Effectiveness Review. In due course, ADB was declared an Asian MAKE winner in 2011 and 2012. The first award cited ADB's collaborative enterprise-wide knowledge sharing, which includes development of knowledge databases and collaborative tools, participation in communities of practice, and the like.  The second recognized its work to devise knowledge-based products  and services.

Highlights of the 2012 survey

  • ADB improved in all eight knowledge performance dimensions between the 2011 and 2012 surveys. The figure below indicates the continually improving perception of ADB staff over the years.

  • Several dimensions received more positive scores in 2012 but continue to require ADB's attention:(i) effectiveness by management in encouraging and sustaining the practice of knowledge management; (ii) effectiveness in developing staff intellectual growth and managing knowledge assets; (iii) working with external stakeholders; and (iv) adopting, incorporating, and applying lessons learned and experiences in its daily operations and sharing them within ADB and other stakeholders.
  • Among the recommendations from the 2012 survey are the following:
    1. Develop KM initiatives to maintain the rate of knowledge-driven organizational change.
    2. Design knowledge management programs that meet the needs of ADB's different staff categories and departments/offices.
    3. Benchmark other Asian MAKE leaders in order to identify, and replicate where possible, best practice knowledge processes.