The Strategy 2020 midterm review will assess ADB's progress on the implementation of Strategy 2020 over the past five years. The MTR will also identify areas for improvement to further enhance the relevance of Strategy 2020 to guide ADB's corporate priorities and operations going forward. One of those areas is the private sector. ADB is reviewing its approach to working with the private sector, which ranges from catalyzing investment to offering a range of financing instruments.

In the Philippines, a $625 million private equity fund - the largest and first of its kind in the country - will invest in core infrastructure assets. Find out which sectors this fund will initially focus on.

ADB received an award for Excellence in Fragile States Engagement for the Afghanistan Telecom Development Project in a ceremony hosted by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on 7 June in Washington, D.C.

ADB is hosting the Asia Finance and Risk Mitigation Forum 2012, with the theme "Catalyzing Private Capital for Investment and Trade in Developing Asia." The forum hopes to help governments create the right environment for investment so as to bring new sources of financing for much-needed public infrastructure.

As part of ADB's ongoing mission to promote solar investment across the region, experts and investors have gathered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for the 4th Asia Solar Energy Forum to explore the latest trends and issues.

A wastewater management revolution is rising in the People's Republic of China as the government engages with Berlinwasser International and other private sector partners.

After the success of NEWater, water technology hub Singapore now turns to technological innovations in wastewater management with the help of private sector partners.

Entrepreneurialism has a vital role to play in Bhutan's economic development, and loans can increase the chance of small business success

People on Papua New Guinea’s remote Manam Island and Madang Province are rebuilding after a disastrous volcanic eruption thanks to better banking solutions.

Bhutan's financial system is a fundamental building block for both the private sector and economic growth.

The National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) has been a leader in its push to provide bank services to Vanuatu's rural people. Innovative technological approaches, including mobile banking, brought savings and credit to some of the most remote communities in the country.

Ho Chi Minh City's People's Committee is preparing a Master Plan for its water system up to 2025 and has accepted development partners'; and the private sector's helping hands.

A private power company in Cambodia is bringing cheap, affordable electricity to rural villages-boosting productivity, incomes, and comfort for poor people.

ADB is helping Tata Power become a major player in the increasingly important sector of clean, renewable energy.

Tata Power is using wind to reduce India's electricity shortages and, with ADB support, is becoming a major player in clean, renewable energy.